UNPASS bicycle/motorcycle ceramic treatment kit

UNPASS bicycle/motorcycle ceramic treatment kit


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UNPASS ceramic treatment kit

- 1 API cleaning spray of 200ml
- 1 ceramic treatment of 50 ml
- 1 black microfiber

CRK is a liquid product, which, after application to the
surface bonds to it as it dries, creating a layer
hard and transparent protection. It provides surfaces
a ceramic “shield” to protect your bike,
your motorcycle or scooter.

This makes it possible to provide the treated surfaces with:
- Better resistance to micro-scratches
- A hydrophobic and water-repellent effect
- A radiant shine
- Resistance to acids and alkalis (pH from 2 to 13)
- Significant resistance to the effects of UV
- Greater ease of cleaning

This product can be used on all types of surfaces
provided that they do not rise to temperatures
greater than 150°

Long-term protection of 2 years is guaranteed in
normal conditions of use of the two-wheeler.

As an indication, 50ml of CRK can treat 3 bikes or
2 motorcycles/scooters.

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UNPASS bicycle/motorcycle ceramic treatment kit
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