Our history

"In 2008 the sale of bicycles on the internet was in its infancy and yet..."

This is the story of 3 top-level French racing cyclist friends (Laurent D'Olivier was European track champion, Yohan Boissy road runner...) who decided at the end of their sporting career to continue to live an adventure together around the little queen. In 2008 bike sales on the internet were in their infancy. A year of reflection later... the company was founded as well as the online store: 2009 birth of the lemarchéduvélo.com site! At the beginning the adventure started in the basement of a cycle shop, but very quickly there was no space... the beginning of a beautiful epic!

"One of the first distributors of electrically assisted bicycles in France"

The VAE is booming and currently it is obvious, but in 2009 it was the beginning, few people believed in this UFO in the world of cycling. "Bike for lazy people" "Product without interest", remarks and disparagements were not lacking when we presented our products at trade fairs. For us the VAE was a pleasant and ecological means of transport but it was above all the possibility of making the bicycle accessible to all and thus sharing our passion for the bicycle with the greatest number! We waited 7 long years before sales took off. During this time our competitors chained fundraising, the race for gigantism and sometimes bankruptcies. We have always refused this mode of development in order to keep control of the company and remain faithful to the values that we defend. Recognized for our expertise, always ahead of competitors who arrived late on the market, we are now the only ones in France to be able to intervene on certain engine models!

"We pay our taxes in France and we are proud of it!"


Our strong values:
  • We pay taxes in France and we are proud of it! Most web giants practice tax optimization. This is not our view of the world. We are therefore established in the Pays de Savoie, without any legal arrangement aimed at evading tax! So yes, sometimes we are more expensive than other sites, we apologize in advance and are always looking for the best quality/price/service ratio.
  • We help local and even more distant associations (every year we send equipment to support the development of cycling in Rwanda)
  • We provide quality customer service! Here, there are no interns or outsourced call centers to answer the phone. Our staff is qualified (15 years of experience in electrically assisted bicycles for some, state certificate of sports educator or CQP of cycle technician with specialization in VAE for others).
  • The recycling. In the office, for order preparation or in the workshop, we are very attentive to selective sorting and recycling. Metal, plastic, paper, cardboard we recycle almost everything! You probably don't know it, but when you buy an e-bike you pay a tax to finance the recycling of certain products (e-bikes, meters, etc.). We adhere to a collection and recycling organization for batteries.
  • Fight against planned obsolescence. The bicycle is a sustainable product that respects the environment only if it can be repaired and used in the long term. We give you the advice to go as far as possible with your VAE. We always offer the most suitable product for your needs and the parts with the best quality/price/performance ratio. We select brands of bicycles for which parts are available for several years, even beyond the legal limits of availability on the market! In short, it is only the way we consume that will allow us to save resources in the long term and we do everything we can to achieve this.



Our brands:



Le Marché du vélo.com , expert in electrically assisted bicycles, multi-channel brand (i.e. sales on the internet and physical stores)

L'Atelier Mobile Le Marché du Vélo.com , maintenance of electrically assisted bicycle fleets. Service reserved for professionals

Vélo Minute, convenience store, specialist in service delivery and quick repairs

Rent My Bike, bike rental in the Alps

Velo-Prive.com our outlet for bargains which offers end of series, marked down or refurbished products



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