Our environmental measures

At Le Marché du Vélo.com, we did not wait for the climate crisis to take action. The youth of our management team means that the development of the company has always been oriented in favor of the environment with concrete actions and decisions. The big chain stores and the big financial groups that run the big online businesses are embarking on a big "green washing" (in French: they green their image), with disconnected and totally ineffective measures. Our independence and our vision of the world of tomorrow allows us to put in place concrete measures.

- Waste: we choose suppliers who use 98% recyclable packaging. We recycle approximately 5T of cardboard annually for the entire group via a Haut-Savoyard partner. We also recycle 1T of pallets, 400Kg of metal. Finally, we adhere to an organization specializing in the recycling of Lithium batteries, the batteries are not buried but are dismantled and recycled at 95%!

- Energy: no luminous sign in front of our stores and hunt for energy waste (computers turned off at night, low consumption lights, etc.)

- Reduction in fuel consumption: despite the explosion in fuel prices, we have reduced this load by 30% thanks to optimal logistics implemented in 2021 between our customers and our stores to optimize journeys as much as possible.

- Biodegradable products: the products used in the workshop and directly in contact with the environment are biodegradable (and often Made In France such as Zéfal and Velox chain oils or cleaners/degreasers for bicycles)

- Local products and brands: the world of electric bikes, in partnership with the European Commission, is pulling out all the stops to create jobs on our continent. 100% of the bikes we distribute come from European factories (Hungary, Germany, Italy and France of course). We are also highlighting our local brands: Oklo, Zéfal, Velox, Diezz... and above all the launch in 2022/2023 of the Yamaha engine produced in France gives us hope for a 100% French bike in the coming years!